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whoopies = an icing
delivery device disguised
as two soft cakes
enveloping delicious,
creamy frosting

the boardwalk

your favorite summer
memories via soft vanilla
cakes, cream cheese frosting,
and sprinkles.
try 'em frozen! $35 / dozen
individually wrapped


everyone's got a soft spot
for this winner. chocolate
chip cakes with cream cheese
frosting. $35 / dozen
individually wrapped

red alert

red velvet gets an upgrade
with loads of dark, dutched
cocoa, red velvet cakes
with cream cheese
frosting. $35 / dozen
individually wrapped

whoopie sampler

by popular demand,
here's our whoopie
sampler. the perfect
way to flirt
with each flavor


3 chippie
3 red alert
3 the boardwalk
3 midnight
$ 35
individually wrapped

mega chippie
whoopie cake

make any
party or occasion
special with our
mega chippie
whoopie cake.
serve it at your
next party for a
slice of something
different! $35

shortbread cookies = a
favorite for our brides,
moms-to-be, and
hostesses alike. all pair
perfectly with
tea, coffee, or wine

the signature

a light butter cookie with fresh
rosemary. $15 / dozen

ooh la llah

lavender, lemon and honey {llah}.
yes, yes, and yes! $15 / dozen


flavor notes of earl grey,
bergamot, and
orange. $15 / dozen

sophisticated sampler

this is our go-to
gift for
bridal showers,
baby showers,
and cocktail parties!
bring this trio
of flavor to your
next wine tasting,
coffee date
or high tea for the
perfect complement.


1 doz signature
1 doz ooh la llah
1 doz xanadu
$ 40
cookies = whether we're
updating classics or
whipping up new, whimsical
flavors, every recipe
is baked with love

chocolate chip crisp

the result of our fifteen-year
obsession with the chocolate
chip cookie. baked with
a deliciously health-conscious
twist featuring lancaster county
organic whole wheat flour
and flax meal. $30 / dozen
individually wrapped

freedom cookie

gluten-free* & dairy-free*
organic quinoa flour,
blackstrap molasses,
& a kick of spice. $30 / dozen
individually wrapped
*see FAQ for more info.


a little cookie, a bit of pie
the best of both
for you to try. $30 / dozen
individually wrapped

cha cha cha

breakfast just got better.
add some oomph to your day
with our whole grain oatmeal
and cranberry cookie.
a sprinkling of the superfood
chia seed will have you
cha cha cha-ing! $30 / dozen
individually wrapped

bruffins = our fudgy
brownie that dresses
like a muffin


the original bruffin
showcasing all that is fabulous
about fudgy, from-scratch
brownies. $35 / dozen
individually wrapped

cheesecake bruffin

brownie on the bottom,
party on top! she looks sweet
but she's a naughty
treat! $35 / dozen
individually wrapped

bruffin party

what do you have
with a bruffin?
a good time.
bring the party
to life with our
bruffin sampler.


6 original bruffins
6 cheesecake
$ 35
individually wrapped